Adrionna Penha

Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Penha


My name is Adrionna Penha. I am currently a special education teacher at West Wendover Middle School. I grew up in Grand Rapids, MI and I went to Kentwood Public schools. I went to Grand Valley State University with a bachelor's degree in Comprehensive Science and Arts for Teaching: for Special Education. In addition, I will obtain teaching certifications for Elementary/Special Education and Endorsements in Cognitive Impairments (CI)/Emotional Impairments (EI).

            Throughout my time at Grand Valley, I had many experiences to prepare me for this opportunity as a special educator. I was a camp counselor, teacher aide and female head counselor for Camp Blodgett. I was a volunteer for the Challenge Scholars middle school program through Grand Rapids Public Schools. I've tutored for high school students in the Upward Bound Program. In addition, I also tutored Math, Science and English Language Arts in various grade levels. Not only that, I've utilized various motives of technology while tutoring. For example: I used  a laptop, a doc camera, power point, excel, word, a smart board and various of apps on ipads. In addition, I was a JV Tennis assistant coach for Wyoming Public Schools.  Not only that, I was in a few clubs/sports teams on campus such as Teachers for Tomorrow, The Council for Exceptional Children and GVSU Tennis Team.
        All in all, each opportunity has unique children with many possibilities to learn and grow. Overallthis experience will allow me to demonstrate my passion and dedication for education. I will work hard and make a positive difference with the opportunities given.   

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